May 11, 2010

You've been left out

I have been playing poker a bit here and there for the last few days. After another somewhat annoying and bad live tournament game with my friends, I decided to go ahead and jump back into the online poker ring.

I've actually done very well. I've went from a paltry ~$2.80 back up to ~$45. I'm barely shy of my initial investment. I'm extremely happy about this, as I honestly thought I was never going to make it back to that level.

I'm also using a nifty little program called PokerTracker now. It helps me identify what cards I'm playing, in what position, and how I'm doing with those cards and/or positions. No surprise, I've made most of my money from late positions and the biggest sum on the button.

It also gives a HUD during play that gives nice information like percentages of how often a player raises preflop, how often he/she plays aggressive, etc. Really makes those tough decisions a little easier. I also think it will really help me out when I start trying multiple tables again. And yes, that is a goal. For one thing, I'm getting bored somewhat too often waiting on people to play, even in "fast" games. For another, this could really boost my potential profit. If I can level it at 75% of my normal profit between 2 tables, I'm making 50% more than I would by playing a single table, and I think it'll be less boring and annoying. It will also force me to forget that last bad beat or stupid play quicker and prevent tilts (hopefully).

I was mainly keeping up with my stats on here as a way of book keeping. However, poker tracker now does that for me. So, I'm discontinuing the tracking of my profits in so specific a way through the blog. I will however try to keep some updates, as this is a big experiment and that's part of the reason for blogging about it. I just don't want to keep such an accurate and detailed history on the blog, it's a waste of my time since I have another easier & quicker way of doing it now.

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