Apr 20, 2010

Beginner's Luck

So I went ahead and bit the bullet and started my bankroll on Pokerstars a little while ago. I decided I'd go ahead give everything a shot and see how it all works out.

I played a total of 20 minutes.

Now, I'm wondering if you're thinking I got frustrated and quit. I didn't. I quit because I wanted to write a quick blog before heading off to work. Anyway, back to the story. I load up and set my filters lower. I'm looking for a 5¢/10¢ game for the moment. So I order the list to show me the percentage of players to the flop, a favorite way to select a game for me. I find one with an open seat that is at 67% with an average pot of 77¢. Lots of players, low bets/few raises. Perfect.

I hop in, and take the only available seat, putting the biggest bankroll at the table ($9) to my right. This can't get any better! I have position on the biggest bankroll! Min/Max for this table to start with is $2/$5. I decide, as normal, to go somewhere in the middle. More chips to play with, but less to lose if I get stupid on a hand. $4 starts me at the table. The 2 players to my left, those who have the best position to punish my bankroll by normally being in position on me have smaller chip stacks. Directly right of me is the smallest at a mere 76¢, and next to him is a $2.50 player.

I elect not to wait on the blinds to jump into hands. For one, I don't have a lot of time. For two, where I'm at in the rotation at this point is actually pretty good position and I'm probably at least going to call in this position anyway. I'm telling you, this was a perfect table at the perfect time. All the players are playing weak. Bad bets, bad calls, bad bluffs with marginal hands, and general overall ignorance of the "rules" of the game.

I get a couple of small wins, some by stealing blinds in position. I'm at about $4.35 and I get a monster flop out of a pair of pocket 8s I called out of the small blind. First to act, I begin the patented "check-call" scenario for 2 rounds getting increasing bets and subsequent calls with a seemingly blank on the turn. Good pot at this point, around $1.40. last card falls and pairs the 7 on the board making 3 clubs, a straight possibility on the board, and 2 pair on the board. Board looks like this 8c, 7d, 5h, Jc, 7c. I'm almost bouncing in my chair at this point. 2 players in the hand other than myself, I figure one of them had to have made something here, and I check. First player bets the pot, $1.40, second player raises to $2.15 all in, I merely call, thinking the first player is equally likely to fold or raise, but not likely to just call. I'm right, he raises all in at $3.10. I have it covered by a little and call, obviously. Very nice pot. They were both "bluffing" for the most part. One had A/5 off suit, giving him 2 pair, 5s & 7s. The other player, who did the last raise, had a pocket pair of 9s giving him 9s & 7s. Both rather weak hands considering the board.

The 20 minute session continued to be like that, though with smaller pots. Some got to around $1.75, but no others that big. And these players would continually bluff into my trips, large 2 pair, and nut flushes. It was insane. They might as well have flushed that money. I ended the session up $10.20. A crazy PpH (Profit per Hour). I expect that to go down next time I play, but it's a good start!

Bodog (experiments): Started: $3, Low: $1.98, Current: $10.91 Goals: To learn, test, develop, and master playing styles, image creation/management, etc.

Pokerstars: Started: $50, Low: $50, Current: $60.20, Time: 20 minutes, Profit $10.20, PpH: $30.6
Goals: $2.50/hour on 25¢/50¢ tables.
$5/hour on 50¢/$1 tables.

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