Apr 21, 2010

Slump at the Table

I get online earlier to play a little poker in celebration of getting another certification & fulfilling the last thing I need (other than passing my management class) for graduation.

I try the multi-table idea, thinking it'll be alright. Well, I'm not so good with that whole thing. I lost around $5 in about 25 minutes of attempting to juggle it. I did better at 2 tables than 3, but I felt like I was still wasting time & profit by doing 2 tables. It's much harder to spot betting patterns, and make any educated decisions at all.

I quit shortly after cutting back to 1 table. I'm down about $4.50 at this point. When I get back, I decide to try my hand at some larger fare and hop on a 25¢/50¢ table. I'm doing pretty good, going from a $15 start to just over $20. Then I catch a monster. I have pocket queens on the button. There is a raise just before me, I call, the big blind reraises (a player I've noticed to be quite liberal with raises and reraises with cards that do not justify them) and the original player (who so far has raised about 3rd hand and I saw once with a 4/6 off suit) reraises again. So far, they're not costing me much extra, but will be if I call here. Especially if there are more raises to come. I decide there is little chance either of them have me beat and put my money in with a call. Big blind reraises all in making the total bet $27. The original raiser folds out, which I found amazing in the first place. I take my use of the time out button. I think and I think, and I realize the only reason I haven't called already is that it's putting all off my chips in. If I had $50 in this game, I'd call in a second. And with not all of my true bankroll on the table, this becomes an easy decision. I call.

I'm dominating him. He has Jd/8h. Seriously, Jack/8 off suit. WOW. So glad I called this. Then comes the flop. Ac, 3h, Qs. This thing is over. I'm smiling from ear to ear at this huge win. Then the turn is a 9s with the river being a 10s. Giving him an Queen high straight. Runner Runner connects him up. I left the table, and walked away from the computer for a bit. I knew that loss would have put me on tilt and I'd have just lost more chips if I jumped back in.

I've caught much of that loss back up now, but the fluctuations are kinda crazy right now. I need to level this out. Much of it is my own fault for playing cards outside of when I should (too low, out of position, etc).

Bodog (experiments): Started: $3, Low: $1.98, Current: $10.91
Goals: To learn, test, develop, and master playing styles, image creation/management, etc.

Pokerstars: Started: $50, Low: $39.80, Current: $49.60, Time: 3 hours, Profit -$0.40, PpH: -$0.13
Goals: $2.50/hour on 25¢/50¢ tables.$5/hour on 50¢/$1 tables.

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