Apr 22, 2010

My Problem so far.

Well, I've now twice hopped on a table, done really well playing my game and just moving the chips slowly into my stack, only to lose them all on a monster hand to a bigger monster (often a kicker). I'm not playing stupid when doing it, but I am still losing them.

Today, 2 aces fall when I'm holding A/7 off suit. I got in by calling on the button (the big blind, who I would play, was prone to somewhat crazy raises and reraises). Flop is rainbow and awesome: 2d, 6s, and Jh. He checks to me, and I having a very powerful hand, check and hope he bets the next round. 8c falls on the turn and he bets $3 to me. I simply call and await the next card. 7d falls and I'm extremely happy. He bets $5. I see no real likelihood he could have me beat here, so I raise it to $10 and he reraises me all in. Now, I've said he was prone to crazy reraises already. I look at the board and think he's probably made a straight or possibly has the last Ace. There are no flush possibilities on the board. I call, risking $22 extra dollars into the pot after my initial $10 bet. He turns over A/8. I'm beat by a single rank on the inside of a full house.

This was approximately 10 minutes ago. I'm still slightly sick. I was over the $100 mark at the time too, marking a doubling of my money. Now I have more work to get back to that point. Sigh.

I'm also rethinking my updates on my game & goals. New format below.

Started: $50, Low: $39.80, Current: $69.20, Time: 4.5 hours, Profit -$19.20, PpH: -$4.25
Goals: $4.0/hour on 25¢/50¢ tables.$7.50/hour on 50¢/$1 tables.

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