Apr 24, 2010

Different world.

It was my first "poker night" since I started this new found love of poker and studying it. We only had 4 players, but I got to see how my tells and new found strategies and tactics played out.

I placed second, but was feared for a lot of the night. I noticed a few good tells and read them right. Won a couple of hands with it. Better yet, I folded correctly at least once due to it, and I'm fairly confident in 2 other good lay downs based on it. Not bad, considering it was less than 2 hours worth of poker. I think I played too conservative overall, but not too far off where I think is a good amount of aggressiveness for tournament play. I need to be more aggressive selectively and "slow play" a little less.

Do I feel the new knowledge, tactics, ideas, and tips have helped my game at an actual poker table? Undoubtedly. But I'm not satisfied with my level of play yet. I'm gonna work on it more and more every time I sit down at a real table.

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