Apr 25, 2010

When Poker Goes Wrong

I'm ready to punch my monitor at this point. I was in a tournament of 4300 people tonight. I made it to 97th place. When there was 100 people left, I was not far behind the big stack. 3 terrible bad beats in a row put me way down in the chips. I went all in with pocket Qs and lost to a call from a 10/J suited flushing out on me. Still not a bad venture, I made 5 times what the entry fee was by placing inside the top 100.

I was only slightly irritated at that point. I figured I could put it behind me and went to the cash tables. After failing miserably on 3 different tables due to just plain insane run of luck. 3 tables went by at the pass of about 10 hands. In every hand I played, I was ahead at flop, when getting reraised all in and lost all of them (I was only all in 3 times, but 2 players changed their luck via me). So in the span of about 30 minutes, I made $10, subsequently lost it and $40 more (2 tables at $15, one at $20).

I'm not bothering giving an update. I'm depressed even looking at this. I wish I had some other hobby worth putting time into, but I don't and instead will head to bed now. Anyone wanna take bets on if I have dreams about bad beats? Wait, nevermind, I lose either way.

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